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Those of us who have been part of an Agile transformation know that there is more to adopting Agile than the roles and ceremonies. The challenging part is changing hearts and minds within Agile teams and organizations.

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Learn how to have deeper, more authentic connections in your workplace.

Join us for a day of transformative learning!

Cost: $124.00 — Lunch, beverages and materials included.
For more information contact David at 510.655.7122.
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An Exploration of Agile Leadership: Being and Doing Agile

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Shelley Schanzenbacher

Shelley Schanzenbacher

Shelley is a self proclaimed “free spirit” with an unconventional approach to calling leadership forth in organizations and individuals. She has been involved in leadership and team program development and delivery for the past 15 years. Always one to ask the tough questions to serve you in facing your fears and taking the leap of faith that you know will help you to step into your potential. Shelley possesses a keen intuitive sense and involvement in alternative healing. She lives near Toronto with her partner Charlotte, her daughter Kaitie and their two dogs, Willis and Sadie.

She has a strong belief in “building space where wisdom can be openly spoken” — Rumi

David Chilcott

David Chilcott

David has an unusual set of skills that encompasses both the deeply technical and the deeply human aspects of software development. In addition to his background as a system architect and software developer, David holds a degree in group dynamics, and has completed formal training in creative problem solving, advanced facilitation, Innovation Games facilitation, non-violent communication (NVC), conflict resolution, Co-Active Coaching and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). His passionate focus on collaboration and clear communication supports effective Agile business consulting, leadership and management support and team facilitation, training, and coaching.

David is a husband, step-father, and grandfather, and is also active in healing, diversity, and social justice work.