Like many organizations, we had co-opted Agile slang, without internalizing or operationalizing the philosophical foundation. Outformations helped us with our transition to Agile through immersive education and constant advice without throwing the Agile bible at us. I'm incredibly thankful that they helped us get our Agile sea-legs and feel like we're a far more effective, transparent, and motivated organization since the transition.
Matte Scheinker
Chief Product Officer
Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)


Outformations is the most professional, service-oriented software development firm I have ever worked with. Not only are they immensely skilled technically, but they have the rare -- and crucial -- ability to get to the heart of a business problem and understand a client's real needs. In addition, they have demonstrated again and again a finely tuned ear for the nuances of workplace politics, which makes all the difference in the success or failure of a software project. If you are lucky enough to work with them, you won't be disappointed.
Bill Bukovsan
Database Systems Manager
Trust for Public Land


Ravenflow has been privileged to work with Outformations for a number of years now. When we were a small startup company, Outformations gave us support and services that let us compete as if we were a much bigger company, and yet the pricing was quite affordable. More important, we have valued the friendship, the good counsel, and the go-the-extra-mile attitude that have been consistent hallmarks of your company. Whether we needed standard services or special contracting or just a friendly nudge from highly experienced developers, we have received help that was always above-and-beyond. The bottom line is that when I approve the monthly invoice from Outformations, I do it with pleasure and appreciation.
Tom King
Executive Vice President
Ravenflow, Inc.


The Outformations team designed, architected and delivered one of our key user-facing web-sites under a very tight timeline, three months. Most refreshing, the team was able to maintain a sense of humor throughout the process. Instead of cutting corners, they kept the long term maintenance of the site in mind, and three years later, the site is still in use, and requires no maintenance. Thank you, Outformations!
Lisa Tuscher


Partnering with the Outformations team is one of our most gratifying work experiences. It is rare to find an organization which shares the same passion for performing the best possible work, achieving technical excellence, and crafting effective solutions. Outformations' partners consistently amaze us with their mastery of tools, techniques, methodologies and best practices. We truly enjoy working with them.
Nachi Sendowski and Conrad Cady
Managing Partners
The Enticy Group, LLC


Outformations was knowledgeable, resourceful, prompt and patient in solving our problem.
Amy Li
Data Manager


Outformations is a Can-Do organization that is capable of juggling multiple demands on their time with grace and patience. David Chilcott, Don Robins and their team do great work and are a pleasure to work with. They added a great deal of value and insight to all of our projects. I highly recommend Outformations and would work with them again at a drop of a hat.
Tom Shankle
Program Manager


Outformations has been an outstanding partner to my firm since 1997.  They possess excellent technical and business skills that are difficult to find. They are sensitive to my clients’ budgetary concerns and have delivered high quality applications.  I would recommend them without hesitation.
Dave Wilson
Waypoint Consulting


We love these guys. They are flexible and easy to work with and I am always glad when I can tell someone to call them for help. Outformations is one of the few development companies that understand that a well engineered system only works with a thought-out and well designed visual user interface.
Joy Busse
Busse Design USA, Inc.


Outformations has helped us with development outsourcing and management skills that made it easier for our business to grow.  Outformations provided a top-flight developer for a long-term development project. Our client was thrilled with the results, and our client was grateful for the clear communication in understandable language. Outformations provided EC Internet with access to the Bay Area .NET developer community, and they improved our internal communication with workshops and coaching. Our teams are more productive, and our projects run more smoothly. Thanks!
Dave Harris
EC Internet